Races and categories

  • Modřanská kolečka - kids races
    ○ 100 m race - Beginners (up to 6 years)
    ○ 100 m race - Kids on wheels (up to 6 years) - embedded race on bouncers or scooters for small children
    ○ 1000 m race -Pupils B + C (7 - 8 years and 9 - 10 years) - (evaluated separately)
    ○ 4550 m race -Pupils A + Cadets (11 - 12 years and 13 - 14 years) - (evaluated separately)
  • Exhibition race over 100 m
    ○ compete with the junior European champion and the fastest women of the Czech Republic!
  • Modřanská 12 km
    ○ 12 km race for the public and speed skaters aged 15 and over
    ○ The evaluation of the race will take place in the hobby and speed categories
    ○ The women's race starts 30 seconds after the men's start and the women go separately.
  • Modřanská půlka - 21 km
    Half marathon race - 21,0975 km for hobby skaters and speedskaters, only for skaters over 15 years.
    ○ The evaluation of the race will take place in the hobby and speed categories
    ○ The women's race starts 30 seconds after the men's start and the women go separately.


  • Entry fee for kids races is 100 CZK (4 EUR) and for 12 or 21 km 500 CZK (20 EUR)
  • All the rules are written in the official rulebook of the federation ČSKB.


Race circuit:

Competitors (men and women) of all age categories from beginners to Masters categories according to the schedule. The number of participants is limited by the organizer. Category or the races may be combined according to the number of entries, or the hobby and speed category races may be separated into a separate race due to the high number of participants.
In children's races on bouncers and scooters, children on bikes with pedals are not allowed to start, only on means of transport without gears.

Racing categories:
Children's races are separated by age (see Races and categories above).
Races of 12 and 21 km will be evaluated in the following age categories:

Youth 15 - 16 let *(Hobby a Speed)
Juniors 17 - 18 let *(Hobby a Speed)
Seniors 19 - 29 let *(Hobby a Speed)
Masters U40 30–39 years
Masters U50 40–49 years
Masters U60 50–59 years
Masters U70 60–69 years
Masters O70 over 70 years old.
*The categories of youth, juniors and seniors will be evaluated separately in the Hobby and Speed ​​categories.

Entry fee:
Modřanská 12 and Modřanská 21 ..................500 CZK (20 EUR)
Modřanská kolečka - children's races................ ............. 100 CZK (4 EUR)
Payment is possible by the transfer or on-site in the day of the race with the fee 2 EUR for children races and 5 Euro for races 12 and 21 km
Race Rules:
The race is held in accordance with the valid ČSKB sports regulations - available at www.cskb-inline.cz. It also contains rules regarding wheel sizes for individual age categories:

● Pupil categories must have wheels up to a maximum of 90 mm

● Cadets up to 100 mm maximum

● Juniors, seniors and masters may ride on wheels up to 125 mm


In addition, for this race, disqualification may occur for the following reasons:

● The competitor starts under a different name

● The competitor skates without a helmet on

● The female competitor will start in the men's starting wave, therefore with a head start

● The female racer uses train rides with the men, even though it is a separate race

● Unsportsmanlike conduct

A protest against the results can be filed within 15 minutes after the publication of the results, only in writing and with a fee of CZK 500, which is refundable if the protest is accepted.

Chief Referee:
MUDr. Denis Krupka

Race registration:
Registration for the Modřanská 12 and Modřanský half-marathon races is available until the end of June at a discounted price of CZK 400 (or until the initial limit of 150 registered participants is exceeded. Registration after July 1 is CZK 500 for 12 and 21 km.

For children's races, the entry fee is 80 CZK, and after 1.7. 100 CZK.

The presentation and collection of chips takes place on the day of the race, at least 60 minutes before the given race.

Time keeping:
To measure time and results, a system of active chips will be used, supplemented by a target camera to evaluate the difficult distances to the finish line. The chip is placed on the leg above the skate.

Mandatory equipment:
A helmet is mandatory for every participant for all races and for moving around the race track during skating. Guards are recommended for children's races, but not mandatory. Helmets are not available for rental.

Starting numbers:
Each competitor will receive a unique starting number at registration, which they will place with pins on their right thigh or on their chest.

Medical supervision:
Medical supervision will be provided at the races throughout the duration of the races.

A refreshment station is prepared for the competitors on the 12 and 21 km routes, in the area of ​​which the competitors will receive a drink, the packaging of which can be thrown away immediately after drinking within 100 m of the refreshment station.
In addition, competitors are allowed to bring their own bottle of water with them. The competitor must bring the bottle to the finish line and not throw it on the race track so as not to endanger other competitors. Throwing it away is only possible in the area of ​​the refreshment station. Throwing off at another point on the course may result in disqualification.

Storage of belongings:
During the race, it will be possible to store your belongings in a guarded locker room, which will be under constant supervision. This is an additional service that will be carried out with the utmost care, however the organizer does not accept responsibility for any losses and recommends not leaving valuables in the cloakroom.

Neither the organizers nor the organizer take responsibility for injuries and any loss or damage to equipment during the race. Participants start at their own risk. Registered members of ČSKB are insured within this association.

Photos and videos:
As part of the race, official photos and videos will be taken for immediate and future use on the Internet, broadcasting, and in the press. Please note that you may be photographed and filmed as race participants, spectators. By entering this event, you agree that the organizers and the organizer have the right to use footage from this event for live broadcast or later publishing photos and videos on the Internet, in the press or on television. If you do not wish to be photographed, you must notify the event organizer in writing.

Processing of personal data
When registering for this event, the organizers collect personal data. This data will be used exclusively by the organizers for the registration of this event and will not be provided to third parties. As part of this public event, we will publish the relevant data (name, surname, club affiliation, age group and year of birth), as well as the results, and this data may be given to the press or TV media. By registering for this event, the athlete agrees to the collection, processing, storage and use of said personal data, as well as to the publication of the registration, start list and results. The athlete can appeal against this in writing to the organizer. In this case, personal data will be blacked out. For participants under the age of 15, the responsible representatives agree to the above.

The race partners are:

Sports Skating Club Modřany Prague (www.ksbm.cz) and Monet Children's and Youth Center (www.ddmm.cz)

The races are organized in cooperation with and under the auspices of the Prague 12 district

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