Join us for the one and only in-line race in Prague

What new is waiting for you this year at Modrany in-line?

  • Main race for speed skaters above 13 years with prize money
    In the 10 km race TUkas Inlinespeed Kriterium you can win not only the weekend rent of the car Dacia from TUkas Modřany, but also the financial rewards of more than €350!
  • Race designated exclusively for hobby skaters
    TUkas Fitness 10 is the race where you can participate only with high-cuff fitness skates. But the rewards is not smaller at all, the winner gets weekend rent of the car Dacia from TUkas Modřany with full tank of fuel!
  • Race for the fastest man and woman on skates
    TOP Inlinespeed sprint is the 50 m race with the flying start so you can really build up your speed to the TOP.

Races and categories

  • Modřanská kolečka - kids races
    ○ 100 m race - Beginners (up to 6 years)
    ○ 100 m race - Kids on wheels (up to 6 years) - embedded race on bouncers or scooters for small children
    ○ 1000 m race -Pupils B + C (7 - 8 years and 9 - 10 years) - (evaluated separately)
    ○ 4550 m race -Pupils A + Cadets (11 - 12 years and 13 - 14 years) - (evaluated separately)
  • TOP Inlinespeed 50 m sprint
    Special race for 50 m with flying start. Everybody is allowed to register to this race.
    Limit of number of competitors is 25 (together men and women), there is no other restriction.
    Skater will get cca 150 m to build his speed and by crossing the starting line he starts his race.
    There will be the best 3 men and women awarded.
    There will be also the guessing contest for specators during this race.
  • TUkas Fitness 10
    10 km race for the public and fitness skaters over 13 years.
    There will be the best 3 men and women awarded.
    The fastest skater overall (m/w) wins the car DACIA of your choice for the weekend with a full tank of the fuel from our partner TUkas Modřany.
    Men and women are skating together.
    Only fitness skates and high-cuff marathon skates are allowed for this race. No speed skating boots and skates are allowed.
  • Open half marathon race
    Half marathon race - 21,0975 km for hobby skaters and speedskaters above 15 years.
    The evaluation of the race will take place in age groups for women and men.
    Men and women start and skate separately.
    There is a time limit for this race of 90 minutes.
  • TUkas Inlinespeed Kriterium
    10 km race for speed skaters above 13 years (professional registration is not needed)
    There is a limit of 30 skaters (both men and women)
    During the race there will be special intermediate sprints for prize money.
    There will be the best three men and women awarded with prize money:
    First three skaters win prize money 1500, 1000 and 500 Kč
    During the race there will be financially awarded two best skaters in the 3rd, 6th and 9th lap with 300 and 200 Kč.
    The winner of the man and woman race wins the car DACIA of your choice for the weekend from our partner TUkas Modřany.
    Men start 30 seconds ahead of the women's race. Women are not allowed to skate in the men's group or follow a man.
    Skater behind the main group for more than ¾ of the lap might be asked to quit the race to ensure the safety of the fastest skaters.

Complete informations


Race circuit:

Race circuit

Closed circuit in Prague Modřany - Start and registration in Ke Zvonici street. It will be driven counter-clockwise, the length of the circuit is 910 meters. Elevation of the track +/- 3 m. Difficulty of the track - easy with simple turns without 180° turns. On the route, faster skaters move primarily on the left side and therefore on the inside of the turns. In the event that slower competitors overtake a wheel, the slower skaters follow the judges' instructions, but primarily the slower competitor tries to move more on the right side of the road, so as not to cross the path of faster and slower skaters. Parking is possible in the adjacent streets, there are no paid-parking zones anywhere in the vicinity so you can park for free.


Competitors (men and women) of all age categories from beginners to Masters categories according to the schedule. The number of participants is limited by the organizer. 

In children's races on bouncers and scooters, children on bikes with pedals are not allowed to start, only on means of transport without gears.

Racing categories:

Children's races are separated by age (see Races and categories above).
Races of 12 and 21 km will be evaluated in the following age categories:

  • Youth 15 - 16 years 
    Juniors 17 - 18 years
    Seniors 19 - 29 years
    Masters U40 30–39 years
    Masters U50 40–49 years
    Masters U60 50–59 years
    Masters U70 60–69 years
    Masters O70 over 70 years

Entry fee:

Kids races

  • 100 m race (bouncers, scooters and skates) for first 20 registrations ...... 5 EUR
    100 m race  (bouncers, scooters and skates) for other registrations ...... 7 EUR
    1 and 5 km race for the first 20 registrations ...... 5 EUR
    1 and 5 km race for other registrations ...... 7 EUR
    On-site registration in the day of the race for all kids races ...... 10 EUR

Inlinespeed 50 m sprint 

  • First 10 registrations ...... 5 EUR
    Other on-line registrations ...... 7 EUR
    On-On-site registration in the day of the race ...... 10 EUR

TUkas Fitness 10km

  • First 20 registrations ...... 15 EUR
    Other on-line registrations ...... 19 EUR
    On-On-site registration in the day of the race ...... 25 EUR

Modřanská OPEN 21 km

  • First 25 registrations ...... 19 EUR
    Other on-line registrations ...... 23 EUR
    On-On-site registration in the day of the race ...... 30 EUR

TUkas Inlinespeed kritérium 10 km

  • First 10 registrations ...... 19 EUR
    Other on-line registrations ...... 23 EUR
    On-On-site registration in the day of the race ...... 30 EUR

The registration is valid first after the payment. It has to be done within 10 days after the registration, otherwise your spot might be offered to another skater.

The registration fee is not refundable, but in case when you cannot take part in the race you can re-register your spot to another skater but not later than 10th of September 2023. 

Race Rules:

The race is held in accordance with the valid ČSKB sports regulations - available at It also contains rules regarding wheel sizes for individual age categories:

  • ● Pupil categories must have wheels up to a maximum of 90 mm
  • ● Cadets up to 100 mm maximum
  • ● Juniors, seniors and masters may ride on wheels up to 125 mm

In addition, for this race, disqualification may occur for the following reasons:

  • ● The competitor starts under a different name
  • ● The competitor skates without a helmet on
  • ● The female competitor will start in the men's starting wave, therefore with a head start
  • ● The female racer uses train rides with the men, even though it is a separate race
  • ● Unsportsmanlike behavior 

A protest against the results can be filed within 15 minutes after the publication of the results, only in writing and with a fee of CZK 500, which is refundable if the protest is accepted.

Mandatory equipment:

A helmet is mandatory for every participant for all races and for moving around the race track during skating. Guards are recommended for children's races, but not mandatory. Helmets are not available for rental

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